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Embroidery machine with XY belt and pinion drive.

Apr 22, 2014
Everything Else
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A simple Embroidery machine using an XY belt and pinion drive to drive a hoop under a standard sewing machine. Needle timing, machine power and stepper control are all provided by a PIC processor. A tablet provides the higher level formatting required for communicating with the PIC chip.

DIY Embroidery Machine V2

Jun 11, 2019
Everything Else
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My second attempt at an affordable sewing machine embroidery add on. This one uses readily available electronics modules and 3D printable parts where possible.

V-Slot™ X -Y Stage Hidden Acme Rod Example

Sep 17, 2015
Everything Else

An X-Y Stage created from two self contained acme screw linear actuators. This build was published as an example of how many of the OpenBuilds Parts can be used.

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