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    1. 5 /5,
    2. Michael Ronzetti
      5 /5,
      Great build, just ordered the parts to construct this all myself. Wondering if you had any ideas as to how I could add a Z-axis to this whole assembly? Fram out with Vbeam, bracket it to something sliding up and down on one end, and then vertical stepper motor on the other? And again, fantastic build
    3. Alberto Martinez
      5 /5,
      Very good build, which I can apply to some of my projects. Excellent!
    4. 5 /5,
      thank you for sharing this build this gives me a lot of great ideas
      1. Mark Carew
        Mark Carew's Response
        Welcome, glad to see it is a help. Please post your project that uses this design when you get a chance. Thank you Mark OpenBuilds Team
    5. Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      Outstanding Design !!
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