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One more life for a cube

Feb 4, 2018
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Modify a Gen1 Cube printer into a small cnc router to cut pcbs and light (VERY light) milling work. Also easy to swap out the rotary head and mount a laser head for engraving.

SHRED-Buddy3D UPcycler - Open Source Multi Material Cutter&Pelletizer

Jan 2, 2017
Everything Else
Build Progress
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The whole system is powered by 12V / DC power. Process it into Pellets or Granules to use it with your 3D Printer or Filament Extruder. Our self-developed steppermotor Controls allows you to optimally adjust Feedrate for your Situation. Forward, Backward and Stop is integrated for easy operation. The Speed can be continuously regulated via rotary switch.

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