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      Open Source SHRED-Buddy3D UPcycler turns leftover filament bits, bottles & fishing line into pellets for 3D printing.

      Designed by http://www.venture-bit.com

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      And remember, every kind of support is welcome. :)

      Now You Can Easily and securely Cut and Shred all your leftover Plastics: such as cable ties, plastic bottles, leftover 3D printer material, fishing line and much more.

      -What ? Shred-Buddy3D? What can it do?

      • Producing Flakes / Pellets / Granules:
      • Leftover 3D Printer Filament - Pellets
      • (PET/PETE) - Plastic bottles - flakes / granules
      • (Nylon,Polyamid) - Monofilament Fishing Line - Pellets
      • (Nylon) - zip ties - Flakes / pellets / granules
      • (Nylon) - String Trimmer line - Pellets
      • (many materials available) - Hot Melt Glue Gun Sticks 7,20mm - 7,50mm - granules "testings still in process"


      In most cases, any material is different in diameter or shape. For this reason we have a fast-swappable System in form of various slide-tubes implemented.

      The shredder-element consists of a sharp HSS drill, which are known for their long durability. The bottle slicer can be easily fitted back to full cutting capability with a standard cutter blade.

      SBuddy3D_complete.zip include:
      -Firmware for ATtiny85
      -Wiring/PCB Layout as SVG and Gerber (with and without Copperfill)
      -BOM/Shopping List with Links and more info
      -3D Printing Parts as .STL
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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    Do you own a 3D printer like most Maker and DIY'ler?

    almost run out of filament? ... Again? What to do with the last few meters?

    well... Make Pellets/Granules of it and use these to create new Filament with a Filament Extruder or an DIY Pellet extruder.
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