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      Another resurrection for a Gen1 Cube printer. Saved from dumpster after a friend killed both the bed heater and printhead. First life (short one!) was as a rebuilt 3D printer. Ramps1.4, 2650, z home switch, and modified v5 clone hotend. Great little printer with one quirk. If print was paused for too long, the motors would go to sleep mode, all the weight on the falling z axis generated enough emf to fry the ramps and aurdino. Should have just added some diodes to solve that but got several larger printers to play with so it went back into the closet.
      Now I find myself needing a small cnc/engraving machine to make some small pcbs for a project. So the poor little gray cube will have another life. It's an ideal unit for light use. Has linear rails, nema17 motors, and unlike Cube3 it also has built in home switches on all 3 axis.
      Sorry, there won't be much of a parts list for anyone to buy. I think everything will be from the "why did I keep this?" box or be printed.
      So far have the "new" rotary power head and have the mounts for it printed. Was an ancient battery powered Dermel that had white fuzzy batteries. Will avoid the battery situation and power it from the pwm or maybe the spindle power option on the controller.
      More to come as the build progresses.
      upload_2018-2-4_1-5-3.jpeg upload_2018-2-4_1-5-3.jpeg
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    Needed small quantity of pc boards and do not want the mess of etching them.
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