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Norm Inverted - Cartesian

Aug 2, 2017
Cartesian Style Bots
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

As a tinkerer and hobbyist I need a reliable quality printer on a budget... Meaning I'm not looking to buy a: Prusa, Zortrax or LulzBot because of the added cost their marketing adds. I can definitely build a machine of hopefully equal quality at a lower cost that is not impacted by the marked-up priced from a large reputable manufacturer. I will need to dedicate time and more time for design shakedowns to ensure I produce a quality machine. Bare with me on this build... Thanks!

RiNo Route

Jan 5, 2017
Build Progress
Build Complete!

A CNC router designed to handle a 4'x8' sheet, for as close to $2000 as possible. The price barrier resulted in my choice to use timing belts rather than leadscrews or rack&pinion. Build List still being updated

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