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      This build is currently "Work in Progress".

      Chicken scratch design sketches are drawn and CAD modeling is in progress.

      Components are purchased as a specific CAD model is completed.

      Design requirements are set and stated below.

      The unit shall be/have:
      Fairly Quiet
      24 Volt power supply driven.
      Three axis motion to be lead screw driven.
      300 x 300 x 200+ Build Area
      Brackets are 3D Printed
      Made of 20x20(40) Aluminum V-Rail Extrusion
      Electronics are fully enclosed.
      Screen and SD card slot to be accessible @ front panel.
      Initially run on latest Marlin firmware build... Update to 32Bit Smoothieware + board once functioning.

      The unit shall use Genuine Quality Components:
      Igus Bearings
      E3D V6 Direct Extruder
      E3D Titan Extruder Drive
      BL Touch Sensor
      Flat Aluminum Bed w/Glass Top + PEI Sheet
      Silicone Bed Heat Pad
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution No Derivs - CC BY ND
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