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Feb 21, 2019
H-Bot and Core XY
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A robust Core XY style 3D printer that has a clean parallel belt implementation and whose dimensions are adaptable to meet builder's needs. The use of open builds V-slot and other open hardware make customization easy.

Stainless OX

Jan 19, 2019
Cartesian Style CNC
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Large format 1200X1500mm OX Build using Stainless Steel plates, dual belt configuration. Limit switches is a mix of micro switches and NPN Proximity switches. Electronics based on parallel break out board, Long Motor Stepper drivers (Chinese stuff) and motors controlled by Mach3. Spindel will be Kress 1050.

PnP 4 axis small/fast machine

Jan 22, 2014
Everything Else
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You need some mechanical and electronic experience. This is NOT a novice undertaking! a familiarity with linux a plus (but not necessary). Basic woodworking and metal fabrication a big plus as well.

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