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Niko’s Egg-painter robot (OpenBuilds)

Mar 31, 2015
Sphere Bots
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This EggBot design has a perfect functionality (the same as the original EggBot professional), a perfect cable and microcontroller arrangement, and a perfect cost as it uses a minimum list of parts (with one V-Slot Linear Rail size20mm x 80mm and length 500mm you can build 3 EggBots!)

Eddie's Build of Niko's (gianakop) Egg Painter

Mar 26, 2016
Sphere Bots
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Build in Progress...

This is my build of Niko's (gianakop) Egg Painter. Egg decorating is something many Christians do for Easter Sunday and the Easter (Paschal) Season that follows. This will be my initial use for the build, but also with minimal modification to be able to write/paint on other round objects like Christmas ornaments, coffee mugs, etc. Many people also decorate eggs for purely secular reasons.

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