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600 volume 3D-Printer

Mar 27, 2024
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

Hello. I build this 600 by 600 printer and hope to share it. I plan to sell custom builds with my website in the middle of this yeahr while making all parts accesibble online for replacements and own builds. My plan was to build a better and more accessible big volume 3d-printer as cheap as possible. I got some inspiration of the ender creality 3, the crazy-Print xyz 300 and the veho 600 tronxy which was simply not relaible and satisfying overal.

Foldable Rainwater Collector

Jun 28, 2014
Build Progress
Build Complete!

Realisation of my idea about a foldable collector for rainwater, which is light and easy to make. People around the world need water and can collect rain water with this collector. I made it for syria and all too.

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