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Jan 29, 2017
Cartesian Style CNC
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From where Mark left off from the Ox build I am going to film the whole process of customizing the Ox.

New Custom CNC with C-Beam Rails

Apr 20, 2016
X/Y Table Style CNC Mill
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Hello all, wanted to share my custom build that I planed to do. My idea was to drill foam blocks to make molds for my projects. The CNC will be 1500-1500mm with a higher Z-Axis. So I redesigned the Gantry Plates that will be cut out at some other place. I hope you can share your opinion on my project.


Feb 2, 2015
Cartesian Style Bots
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Build in Progress...

Custom build, after building the prusa i3 and upgrading to i3v, I wanted to build something more sturdy that can print fast and more accurate. Model is built in Fusion 360

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