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TRADE TrueUp Bold 99% Complete will need power supply and calibrate and bugs ironed out

Discussion in 'FREEStore' started by martin thompson, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. martin thompson


    Dec 28, 2016
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    For SALE or trade
    hi sad news I can't complete my true up bold (personal Issues) https://openbuilds.com/builds/trueup-bold.5671/
    I am located in Australia
    200x200 build plate it's complete just needs to be calibrated and bugs ironed out
    ie Gets Tight on the z slide
    want to go to good home has heaps of extra bits ie 20x40 rails bits and pieces
    open build stuff wheels, bearings, nuts and bolts, eccentric wheels, belts, gears etc
    has ramps 1.4
    all I want to keep is the 30amp power supply and boroscope glass
    VERY negotiable on price/trade need the space
    20180926_101659.jpg 20180926_101653.jpg

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