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      This is a beefed up version of the TrueUp Kit project. A customer wanted a 250mm taller printer and we found the 20x20mm Z axis extrusions allowed vibration at that height. So this version beefs those two extrusions up to 20x40mm to eliminate left-to-right vibration. The uprights are attached to the printer's 20x60mm center piece extrusion by passing 50mm screws all the way through holes in the upright extrusions to thread into the top and bottom centers of the center piece. The screws have openbuild's end caps on the heads so these can be torqued very tightly.

      The mod also extends a 20x40mm extrusion arm forward on each side from the upright rail with a 20x20mm extrusion cross piece to attach the fronts of the Y axis extrusions to. This prevents sway from front to back, further reducing vibration.

      Since this is a mod of an existing project, I am releasing only an SKP containing all of the parts assembled. The mod was designed to be a mere replacement of parts rather than a rebuild of the printer. However, the assembled SKP should be sufficient for building a TrueUp Bold from scratch.

      The orange pieces in the drawings and SKP are the existing printed parts to a TrueUp Kit printer. The green parts are the new, replacement printed parts. The blue parts are brackets available from the openbuildspartstore.com.

      The mod also extends the X extrusion by 40mm and exchanges the printed X carriage for the min v-wheel plate.

      The assembled SKP can be Downloaded HERE



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    Reason for this Build

    To reduce vibration on taller than normal versions
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