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May The 4th Charcuterie Tray

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    CAD Fusion 360, Estlcam for CAM of dxf
    Other Controller
    Machine Time:
    25 minutes
    Bit or Laser Size:
    3/4" Bowl bit and Sharkbits Compression 1/4"
    Feeds & Speeds:
    Bowl bit - 3000mm/min cutting, 1000mm/min plunge, 3.175mm DOC
    Sharkbits 2-flutes-1/4" downcut - 3000mm/min cutting, 1000mm/min plunge, 3.2mm DOC

    Detailed work: 3 Flutes Solid Carbide Tapered Ball Nose 1/32" 2000mm/min 0.5mm DOC
    topical hard wood from cheap table top.
    I had saved the top from a cheap old table from a big box store a few years ago because I figured I could do something with it. I finally came up with the "something."

    May the Fourth (Star Wars day for the non-nerds out there) was coming up and I thought I would make a gift for the nice IT people that make my life easy at work. So I found a good vector image that was fee online (Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Logo PNG Vector (SVG) Free Download), downloaded it, and then imported it as a canvass into a rectangle that had the length I wanted as one dimension. This will scale it to that size automatically. Then I deleted the rectangle and using splines, lines, arcs, and circles I drew the dxf file I would eventually cut over the top of this "canvass." The heavy black lines are what I drew.

    Millenium Falcon Bowl.png

    I made sure that all inside radiuses were 9.525mm so the 3/4" bowl bit would fit in these corners. I did 3.175mm radiuses on the outside so my Sharkbits 2-flutes-1/4" downcut would fit when cutting the profile. I love this endmill!

    The 4 small pockets were done with the same toolpath as the profile cut with this endmill as well.


    Prior to doing all the cutting, I should mention that I did a 0.2mm deep facing operation with my 1" spoilboard surfacing endmill due to a lack of consistent thickness, and to remove the old finish. This was done on both sides.
    The detailed engraving of the cockpit was done with a 3 Flutes Solid Carbide Tapered Ball Nose 1/32".

    After cutting the first one for my IT folks, I decided I wanted one for myself. Aw, who am I kidding. I was always going to make one for myself. So here is one after cutting:

    Both after I put 4 coats of Tung oil on them:


    And finally, with food for the days festivities courtesy of my awesome wife:


    Millenium Falcon Bowl.png IMG_20230401_174133_01.jpg IMG_20230401_183439__03.jpg IMG_20230401_213940.jpg IMG_20230504_182241_01.jpg IMG_20230504_182249_01.jpg IMG_20230504_182241_01.jpg

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  1. ewr2san
    Nice work!
  2. Mike_c1986
    Looks great! I’m sure it was well received.

    what was the overall size of this tray?
    1. Giarc
      12.8 inches x 16.4 inches or 325.25mm x 418.415mm
      Giarc, May 7, 2023
      Mike_c1986 likes this.
  3. Giarc
    If any one wants the .dxf or an svg let me know. I was going to add it, but there in no "files" section.
      Mark Carew likes this.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Aaron Ayres
      Yes, please share the files. Excellent!
      Aaron Ayres, May 7, 2023
    3. Giarc
      Giarc, May 7, 2023
      Mike_c1986 likes this.
    4. Giarc
      If using OpenBuilds CAM, the .dxf opened, but the .svg was not working. Both will open in Vcare (and probably all Vectric software). The dxf will definitely open in Fusion 360 and Qcad.
      Giarc, May 7, 2023
  4. Mark Carew
    Dude you rock!
    Sharing this one in the morning meeting! so cool @Giarc :)
      Giarc likes this.
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