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Laser Shield Box for Spindle Adapter 1.0

Laser shielding box that attaches to the OpenBuilds spindle mount with laser adapter.

  1. Scotty Orr
    Bit Size:
    Feeds & Speeds:
    12000rpm 762mm/min
    Material Used:
    3/16" acrylic shield
    This is a small laser shielding box that attaches to the OpenBuilds spindle mount fitted with my Laser Adapter for OpenBuilds Spindle Mount

    The download zip file contains the two necessary DXF files.

    The box parts are cut from 3/16" acrylic shielding material from JTech: 250nm to 520nm Laser Shielding – 12″ x 12″ | J Tech Photonics, Inc.

    This is designed for a minimum focus height of 38mm which leaves a 3mm gap above the workpiece. It is adjustable from 38mm to 43mm (which is my focus height). I allowed for adjustability so I could increase the gap at the bottom when doing step-down operations.

    The slots in the side pieces are to extract smoke, etc.

    The side pieces may be adjusted separately as is, but I plan on gluing mine to the front piece using acrylic cement.

    To attach the box, you will need six 10mm M5 screws, four 3mm M3 spacers, four 15mm M3 screws, and four M3 nyloc nuts.

    (The holes in the front allow the entire laser/box assembly to be removed from the spindle mount and stored intact.)




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Recent Reviews

  1. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome project! Thank you Scotty for the share
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