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Laser Adapter for OpenBuilds Spindle Mount 1.0

An aluminum adapter to mount a Banggood laser module to your CNC machine.

  1. Scotty Orr
    Bit Size:
    Material Used:
    1/8" 6061 aluminum
    This is a plate to mount one of several laser modules from Banggood to an OpenBuilds Spindle Mount.

    It should work with the EleksMaker series (2W, 2.3W, 2.5W at least).

    I designed the mount so the laser module would fit "inside" the spindle mount in place of my router (leaving the clamp off), but you might be able to mount it on the outside of the clamp, using longer screws, if you can still focus the beam. (It really isn't that difficult to just swap things out, though.)

    The extra holes are for attaching a sheet of laser-shielding acrylic.



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Recent Reviews

  1. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Version: 1.0
    Great idea! Thank you for sharing
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