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Gradus M1 Pro/Bigfoot tutorial for absolute beginners 1.0 2018-01-10

How to set up CNC stepper motors with Gradus M1 Pro and Bigfoot drivers

  1. levitation
    I bought an openbuilds minimill and the electronics on the recommendation of a random forum post that I can no longer find. As my first time working with electronics I found it pretty difficult to find the wiring instructions for the Gradus M1 Pro and Bigfoot drivers. So here is the step by step series of instructions including a list of required tools and components (Excluding your CNC and stepper motors) that I wish I had before I started.

    See Scotty Orr's resource and threads for previous comments on this subject. https://openbuilds.com/threads/gradus-m1-pro-information.10164/

    Note: I still am researching on how to connect the PWM port on the controller to a variable speed colt router to control the spindle speed from grbl-panel. If anyone has any tips I would love to hear about it.
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