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Dewalt611 Bracket 1.2

Dewalt611 Bracket to suit 3 pillow block X-axis vertical aligned rods

  1. Nicademus
    2018-03-07 12_48_30-A8-ToolBase-and-Dewalt611 Bracket-98mm drop.skp - SketchUp Make 2017.png This has been designed to suit the Dewalt 611 - suggestion for strength is to print in current orientation at 100% infill - possibly at slightly higher temp than normal to ensure best layer bonding as the router will generate a lot of force and vibration when in use.

    The Brace that the bracket goes onto will allow direct mounting to 3 vertically aligned Linear pillow blocks - int he same configuration as supplied on such 3d printers as the Anet A8. The Slots on either side allow for a movement of up to 48mm: 2018-03-07 12_45_20-A8-ToolBase-and-Dewalt611 Bracket-48mm drop.skp - SketchUp Make 2017.png
    and 98mm: 98mm drop.png
    (two different models supplied.)
    So although you will use Z-axis steppers for raise and lowers - this allows you to get best Fine adjustment depending on your Max CNC/printer height.

    This has been designed for a Cartesian X/Y CNC with horizontal slides, however I have a Bracket which emulates the Pillow Block assembly.


    1. 2018-03-07 12_46_08-A8-ToolBase-and-Dewalt611 Bracket-48mm drop.skp - SketchUp Make 2017.png
    2. 2018-03-07 12_46_45-A8-ToolBase-and-Dewalt611 Bracket-48mm drop.skp - SketchUp Make 2017.png
    3. 2018-03-07 12_49_11-A8-ToolBase-and-Dewalt611 Bracket-98mm drop.skp - SketchUp Make 2017.png
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