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Mark Carew
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Mar 18, 2018 at 6:20 PM
Jun 28, 2013
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Works at OpenBuilds

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Mark Carew

OpenBuilds Team, Male, from NJ

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Friday is fun project day! Sep 1, 2017

Mark Carew was last seen:
Mar 18, 2018 at 6:20 PM
    1. Doug Bornyk
      Doug Bornyk
      Hi Mark. I'm very interesting in making this my first build. 2 Questions. Will this work okay with Autodesk Fusion 360? Also, do you have info on an interchangeable Laser to swap in and out with the Router? Thanks.

    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      As well as setting your controller to a higher microstep. Hope this helps
    3. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      however I would suggest trying to upgrade your current system with higher resolution stepper motors.
    4. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      The belt system should give you a slight accuracy advantage over a lead screw design,
    5. MrD
      Acme screw design , not timing belts, Using cambam, Mach3 and sketchup. Making wooden gears for clocks cutting Baltic Birch .250 thick
    6. MrD
      Hello Mark, I have built a CNC router already, but I am interested in getting a finer resolution than I have . which is +/- .010 this is a timing belt design very rigid construction. So the question is can I achieve a +/- .002 with the open build system using your components, not theoretical but actual.
    7. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      @chris kelly It depends on what you are building we sell 3 different lengths for the 3 different size actuators 250mm-500mm-1000mm
    8. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
    9. Glennd
      Hello I am thinking on building the F-117 where is the information ? Is there a set of plans?
      I have tried to build in the pass but time and money . Well I am retired !!!!!!!!
      I have Nema 34 motors is this a over kill for the F-117 ? Lots more question but I will start with these
      1. Glennd
        I Hope I am in the right place to get information on the Aera 51
        F117 cnc rack & pinion system Thanks
        Jun 1, 2015
    10. chris kelly
      chris kelly
      how long acme rod do i need in mm?
    11. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Ooznest an OpenBuilds Parts distributor and the 8mm lead they sell is the same so it should work fine for you.
    12. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
    13. chris kelly
      chris kelly
    14. chris kelly
      chris kelly
      press the key with the windows logo and the letter r on the keyboard at the same time then type "devmgmt.msc" without the quotes then go to Ports (COM AND LPT) press the arrow next to it you then should see the arduino name and its com port
    15. Safetywrench
      I just about have my OX CNC assembled. I bought an Arduino-grbl shield combination with the kit I bought from Vslot. I'm having trouble getting my computer to recognize the Arduino. I'm trying to use grbl controller but it wants a Port number ... I don't know how to find that or what to do next. Please direct me to somewhere or someone who can help.

      I'm using Windows 8 on a Microsoft Surface Pro

    16. Mark Carew
    17. chris kelly
      chris kelly
      do u have any plans or designs for the side plates for the y axis like on the youtube video is there a link where i can download or buy them.
    18. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Hello Chad yes the parts will be posted. It is on the todo list :) We will get to to asap. Thank you
    19. txskywriter
      I recently bought a phlatprinter 3 and some of the mdf parts were damaged in shipping. Will any of the files will be posted here so i can replace the broken mdf parts?
    20. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      It should only pull the amps needed but with a higher voltage your motors will engage a little quicker
    21. Brayden DeVito
      Brayden DeVito
      I was wondering what the best power supply to run this build is?
      I was running a 24V/20A power supply... Somehow the MOSFETS blew out when i plugged it in.
      but as my driver board only allows 2A on each stepper, is this really necessary?

      What are the advantages to having a 24V power supply over a 12V on this system?

      thanks for your help!
    22. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Hello Ed the parts list has been added sorry about that :)
      1. frank madrigal likes this.
    23. Ed Romero
      Ed Romero
      I am working off your mitre saw stop build for a tablesaw sliding table. Simple but smart. Do you have a parts list i could use please? Thank you.
    24. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      I have milled 6061 on my machine
    25. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Johnny, steel is tough stuff and when you get in to that kind of milling you will need very powerful spindles and very rigid machines.
    26. Johnny Hayden
      Johnny Hayden
      What is the hardest metals used? I know aluminium can be used but is there a limit in type of aluminium?
    27. Johnny Hayden
      Johnny Hayden
      Can a thin wall steel like 4310 1.5mm thick be milled
      Could I mill a tube, to make head tube badges for bikes, basically cut an images out of a tube?
      I'm using a good Dremel 4000 as cutting tool.. Will this be ok? One area I'm worried about is the drill bits and measurements of bits in SolidCAD while generating the G-code
    28. Johnny Hayden
      Johnny Hayden
      Hi I was just wondering if you could answer a few questions for me, about hardware I do modles in solidworks and am learning SolidCAD

      I'm in a wherlchair and design bikes for high level spinal injury, hoping you can ?
    29. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      All you need to do is start a build or ask on the forum. All the best with your build!
    30. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      The great thing about the OpenBuilds sharing site is that you can talk with thousands of skilled users who can help with your project!
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