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  1. ruben cabrera
    ruben cabrera Mark Carew
    1. Peter Van Der Walt
      Peter Van Der Walt
      Refer to section 6.3.7 of the document above for the next step:

      6.3.7 Contact the OpenBuilds Partstore

      If the above fails to correct the issue, contact the support team at the OpenBuilds Partstore for further assistance: |https://openbuildspartstore.com/contact-us-form/
      Sep 27, 2020 at 5:22 PM
      Mark Carew likes this.
  2. Karl Thorsen
    Karl Thorsen Metalguru
    Hello, it was suggested to me you were an open builds dealer in Canada.if so, I would like to know if you have a website to view pricing.
    Thank you,
    1. Metalguru
  3. wvarn1957
    error running 1001nc "g code words consist of a letter and a value, letter was not found [:(PGM,NAME= "1001")]" How do I correct this?
  4. Srednasoft
    Srednasoft Kyo
    Hi Kyo,
    Is it possible to have a copy of the drawings for the large gantry plates for the Sphinx XL. I am trying to make them even higher, like 10-15cm higher, with thicker alu.
  5. Nomad1
    Nomad1 Mark Carew
    Two questions
    1. Can I use the openbuilds software wit windows XP
    2. Can I wire the router straight to the blackbox
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Aug 28, 2020
  6. Wolfgang Theiss
    Wolfgang Theiss Mark Carew
    In one of my projects I need to move two axis - each driven by 2 stepper motors. Can I configure the BlackBox controller to synchronize the X and Z motor, like it is done with the Y and Y2 motors?
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      You can simply wire the two motors in parallel on one axis. We did this a lot back in the day before we dedicated a driver to each motor.
      Aug 6, 2020
  7. Claus Stümke
    Claus Stümke AK-Creation

    ich habe den Big Size 3D Printer den Sie gebaut haben jemanden abgekauft. leider ist er unvollständig. Ich hätte ein paar Fragen zu dem Gerät. Wäre es möglich hierzu mal zu telefonieren? Gerne eine PN an mich oder per E-Mail an [email protected]

    PAULTOMMY Mark Carew
    Hi Mark
    I have a c-beam xl and i am thinking of upgrading to the workbee 1500mm x 1000mm
    I will be purchasing the BlackBox controller and I am a little confused.
    I have the Vectric software and it works well but is it compatible with the BlackBox controller,, hope this makes sense?
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Hello @PAULTOMMY Yes the BlackBox will work with the 1500x1000 not problem. Really the only thing to keep in mind on that build is that its belt an pinion and so the steppers on the Y axis are facing opposite of each other. Because of this one stepper should be wired in reverse.
      Jul 27, 2020
    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Jul 27, 2020
  9. dennis weiner
    dennis weiner Mark Carew
    Hi Marc Carew,
    I am a hobbyist woodturner that has created a number of woodturning accessories using your vslots. I will be giving a remote zoom demonstration to my woodturning club(located in NJ) on that subject. I have cut vslot 20mm rail on my 10 table saw with no issues. I know that the question will come up regarding blade selection. So what brand/type of blade should I recommend when asked?
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Jul 26, 2020
  10. BismarckDon
    When I jog the machine commands scrolling on screen and resulting “ok” but no movement. Black Box light for the USB flickers red. Any ideas?
    1. BismarckDon
      This is on a new C Beam build using OpenBuilds Control software
      Jul 7, 2020
  11. Bayardbob
  12. Graham Langsford
    Graham Langsford Ariel Yahni
    Hi, I have assembled a CNC router and have been able to get it to work but I cant seem to get the GRBL_0.8.1 software to display the tool path. I have written some text in Inkscape and converted to G-code and then been able to engrave on some MDF board. What I can't see to the image on the top panel of the GRBL software window to show me where the spindle will travel and my home point. Regards Graham
    1. Ariel Yahni
      Ariel Yahni
      Hi Graham, i suggest you post this question as a Post in the general forum so the community can chime in on this. Make sure to be specific on which software are you referring *** its unclear.
      Jun 19, 2020
  13. FBELL
    FBELL Fábio Pires
    Olá Fábio, sou novo por aqui. Visitei sua publicação: Frezar - Desktop CNC e não soube ver se há os planos de corte das peças. Poderia me ajudar? Gostei de seu projeto, obrigado, parabéns e abraços
  14. BW Industries
    BW Industries alex_b
    I just bought a LEAD 1010 with the black box and i love it. I'd like to be able to turn on my router as well as my shop vac with the software. Is there a way I can do this?
    1. Peter Van Der Walt
      Peter Van Der Walt
      Jun 4, 2020
  15. Rommel Medina
    Rommel Medina mytechno3d
    Hello. I saw the build you did for the CNC desktop plasma cutter. What does something like this cost overall in parts. excluding the plasma and software. Would love to get into making something like that. Perfect size. Awesome BTW!
  16. Thirry Harlin
    Thirry Harlin Chris Laidlaw
    Hey Chris, my name is Thirry and we talked over on eBay. I was wondering what your price would be for a version of the Sphinx CNC 4 Y end Plate set, but with specs for using the 1605 ball screws rather than the 8mm rods?
  17. Alden Florio
    Alden Florio Mark Carew
    Hello I bought the C-Beam® Linear Actuator Bundle with the motor. I was wondering what wires correspond to A+, A-, B+, and B-?
    1. Mark Carew
      Jul 26, 2020
  18. Chris Laidlaw
  19. youssuf
    youssuf openhardwarecoza
    thanks for the plans i modified the drawing to fit in 80 by 40 tub for x axis and 60 by 40 mm for y axis because i didn't find your dimension but thanks again
  20. Darriel Fisher
    Darriel Fisher Mark Carew
    I Have a Bulkman 1500X1500
    I have Mach3 with it ,I would like to get rid of it .Would like" Open" like my 3018 has .
    What would i need Just a black box ?????
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Yes a BlackBox would do the trick. Then you have your choice of any grbl based control software. Here at OpenBuilds we are partial to OpenBuilds CONTROL - https://software.openbuilds.com/
      May 17, 2020
  21. olivier gauthier
    olivier gauthier Mark Carew
    hello , i have receive the blackbox but it's not working? i have follow the instruction video ,plug everything right , i can connect to the blackbox .... see on the picture .can you help me solve this ? it write that i need a controller whit grbl 1.1x on it??
    1. Gary Caruso
      Gary Caruso
      Hi Oliver, best place to ask questions is on the BlackBox forum page, BB is pre-loaded, did you install the drivers on your PC? follow the connecting steps on the BB Docs, link at the product page. Cheers Gary
      May 16, 2020
  22. Ricky Verret
    Ricky Verret
    Help, need ,for my black box, no movement. Thanks
    1. Gary Caruso
      Gary Caruso
      Hi Ricky, welcome to the forum! you will get faster help with a question if you post the question in the section of the forum devoted to the topic, in this case there is a BlackBox forum area. I would suggest you start with the BlockBox Docs (https://docs.openbuilds.com/blackbox/#0welcome.html) if you have not already. Would need lots of info to help 420 characters here! Cheers
      May 16, 2020
  23. Josh Hammons
  24. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Making the future!
  25. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Making the future!
  26. Guillaume Rancourt
    Guillaume Rancourt Mark Carew
    Hey Mark, I'm trying to run a standard grbl g-code on the control software, i'm usinf Fusion 360 to produce the code and normally it works but this time, after 30 minutes, the preview won't even load. any idea why?
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      May 7, 2020
  27. Mike Longden
    Mike Longden Mark Carew
    Thanks Mark, I'm looking forward to the CNC journey ahead of me. The value of being a group member is infinite, and I greatly appreciate your assistance as well as all others that I may need assistance from in the future. I will definitely be checking out the tutorials. Thanks Again. Mike
    1. Mark Carew likes this.
    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      You're more than welcome @Mike Longden
      Welcome aboard, you are among friends here. Have fun!
      Apr 21, 2020
  28. Mike Longden
    Mike Longden Mark Carew
    Hello Mark, I'm new to this and just got finished up building my Workbee 1010. I have VCarve Pro and would like to use it on this machine. Are there any instructions available for the setup process for doing this?
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Hi Mike. Welcome to CNC! Yes there are a ton of tutorials on how to use VCarve on this machine. The typical work flow is to work up a design using tool paths (your machines cutting path and style) in V Carve and then you out put the file in a format called Gcode which is what our machines understand.
      Apr 21, 2020
    2. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      When you go to save the gcode file it will have a drop down with a lot of options for output formats. You just pick grbl if you are using a BlackBox controller. We hope to do a beginners quick start video guide soon, but until then be sure to check out some of the more in depth projects some of the community have done.
      Apr 21, 2020
    3. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      You will get some ideas from here as well as looking up V carve tutorials. Hope this helps. Jump in and have fun!
      Apr 21, 2020
  29. Andyman257
    Retired just in time for Covid-19. Happy to spend all this time in my workshop.
    1. MaryD likes this.
  30. Coach
    Coach Ryan Lock
    Ryan- about a year and a half ago I built a Workbee machine, I am having fun with the machine however I have one problem. My "Z" axis has what I think to be to much play back and forth - side to side is perfect - I have replaced the wheels, bearings, screws and the "C" channel but nothing has solved the wiggle problem. What would be your suggestion?
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