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      My name is Gary .This is the Phlat Printer 3 is a 3 Axis Milling machine
      All are belt driven. I will go over the machine in more details later.
      By now you are thinking , what does this machine have to do with Open Builds.
      Well ! this . Yep .The Black Box
      Before I get to the attachments ,you need to know about this.
      The PP3 came with the Rotary Tool from Harbor Freight . The tool has a flex shaft and (Pencil) end.
      The part you see with holes in it ,on the left side is where the tool goes into. The pencil end goes through
      the large hole first . Then the main tool itself sets in the large hole. The Pencil end goes from under the tool
      and back up the through the small hole. ( I think ) . It goes over the machine and to the attachments Time for the attachments. Picture 5518 and 5520 This what the first attachment looks like.
      The hole you see at the left side (centered) is the hole where you put your Roto Tool pencil end into the top hole and down through the bottom hole at a certain depth .The top and bottom knobs is used to tighten the end in place. The hole at the right side is for the shop vac adapter. I took the attachment off to show you this. Do you see cut outs on the z axis part . They are for the tabs on back of all the attachments for the PP3. There are 4 look like holes on it . There are 4 T nuts
      on the back of them. You see 2 of the black knobs (right and left ) it has a threaded ends on all 4 of them. I only shone 2 of them ,tighten all of them down. This is the Dremel attachment, with tabs on the back. This is the sharpie marker attachment and it has tabs on the back as well. The only attachment that I do not have is the ROTO - ZIP attachment. If any of you have one let me know.
      .This key pad allows you to jog your axis with the arrow keys . I will go over the belts soon. Time for the belts. The small gear on the left side is connected to the ACMA threaded rod ,held in place by a cap head screw. The right gear (larger one) is connected to the stepper motor under it. Now for the Y axis belt . On the back of the z axis is a part that connects the ends of the belt together . ( it is a little difficult to take the z axis off and show you that part that connects the belts together ).Only if some of you asked me to. I will start from the left side of the machine first. I had to take off the left end ( panel, part ) from the machine to show you wher the belt goes. Pic 5533 . There is a cut out on the left side for the belt to go through . Pic 5531. The end goes around that gear ,pic 5535 . There is an opening (pocket) that goes through the Y gantry ,for the belt to travel to the right side of the machine . The right side will be next. The end of the Y axis belt finally goes through the right side of the machine. Where it goes around the other gear ( cant remember what you actually call it ) . That gear is on the stepper motor for the y axis. and then to the back of the z axis. Will post the X axis soon. Looks like have to stand the Phlat Printerc3 on one end to see the X axis .

      Well I took the machine and tilted it on it's back. My old kodak camera does not focus very well .
      The x axis belt and stepper motor can be seen in the picture's . It is routed around the rollers to feed the materials .

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    Try to use Black Box on the PP3

    Inspired by

    Mark and Trish Carew
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