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      I was asked by a customer ealier this week if theres a way to make a MakerSL MSL-8 OB Vise without machining any parts. (Hey even if just good enough to hold the aluminum stock to mill a proper MakerSL MSL-8 Vice (; its already a win - or it could then move to the drillpress)
      Of course, OpenBuilds parts are pretty modular by nature, so I figured, I'll take on the challenge :)

      Below is (at the time of writing) just a Sketchup mockup of the plan.

      I'll head into the workshop on Monday (not home this weekend, so Monday is soonest) to go and cut the bits and assemble one, see how it compares to my proper MakerSL vice on the MiniMill.

      For now though, posting this to comply with my promise to the customer (although I am a day late anyway) to show the basic idea

      Assembly will go something like this (Will update this build once I built it)

      • Cut two pieces of 2020 V-Slot, to 80mm length
      • Cut a piece of 2080 V-Slot to fit your machine
      • Drill through the 2020 V-Slots at 60mm center to center distance, centered along the length (This is to bolt it to the 2080 without additional brackets - hopefully in the name of rigidity)
      • Bolt the 2020s to the 2080 using M5x30mm screws, Slot Washer and Tee Nuts (M5x25 is too short. M5x30 may be too long. Grind one a little shorter, or stack up with washers under the head)
      • Bolt the cube connectors to the 2080 using some M5x8mm screws and T-Nuts
      • Insert the 1/4-20 T-Nuts into the Cube connector. If it does not fit, one may need to drill out the cube connector with a 5/16" drill. Grind off the spikes and epoxy the nut in place (this saves the trouble of making a Nut block
      • Insert the Three arm knob

      Usage will go something like this (the moving jaw doesn't have a big range, since the Three arm knob is not very long):
      • Loosen the M5x30 bolts and move the 2020s up to your stock
      • Tighten the fixed jaw to the 2080
      • Tighten the moving jaw till its flat on the 2080, but still loose enough to slide a little
      • Tighten the Three Arm Knobs to clamp the stock
      • Properly bolt down the moving jaw to lock it all in place

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