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      This was my attempt at fellow OpenBuild's forum member Stephen Cia's printer known as Zidex. Link here for the original post. I added some creature comforts on to Stephen's build like a heated bed, part cooling fan, tidy wire management, and some firmware changes.

      The entire build is documented on my website: Zidex: An IDEX 3D Printer. This includes assembly instructions, BOM, STLs, and configuration files.

      Building Zidex was actually part of my larger goal of creating YouTube video that explains the parts and theories that go into building your own 3D printer. If you are new to building 3D printers and really any CNC machines, I recommended setting some time aside to watch the video.

      Here are some of my prints that I have made with Zidex:
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    Reason for this Build

    I needed a small format, but feature rich printer that I could use as a teaching tool for my classes on additive manufacturing.

    Inspired by

    stephen cia
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