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      I am making a custom laser cutter with a build volume of 30"x20". I am using the GRBL 1.1 firmware on an Arduino Uno + CNC Shield with LaserWeb as the software for controlling it.

      My other electronics are as follows:
      Day 1 (5/28/2018):
      I have all the electronics and have installed the firmware on the Arduino. I have mostly assembled the frame but have not yet mounted the electronics such as the laser and the motors.

      Day 1 issues:
      The motors make a higher tone buzzing and vibrating sound and refuse to spin when told through LaserWeb and/or GRBL Controller. I have tried to reverse the motor connection but the same results have been observed.

      Laser cutter irl.JPG

      Day 2 (5/29/2018):
      Today I did a lot of research on how to fix my issue with the motors but lucky for me, the user Scotty Orr posted a solution to my problem. So, I looked at some videos on how to tune stepper motor drivers. I got them all to move using LaserWeb and I couldn't be happier.

      Day 2 issues:
      I accidentally turned one of the pots on my DRV8825 pots too much and now I cant tune it...whoops! However, I had a spare because I was smart and bought 4.

      Day 3 (5/30/2018):
      Today was really productive! I got the motors to move even better than yesterday. They sound even more quite today than yesterday and it seems to run very smooth. Tomorrow I plan to start mounting the motors and then to the frame.

      Day 3 issues:
      None to report.

      Day 4 (5/31/2018):
      Today I mounted the motors to the mounting planes and partially to the frame. It's starting to look like an actual laser cutter.

      Day 4 issues:
      I very quickly realized that I do not have the standoffs for the v-wheels, nor do I have some of the buts and bolts I need to connect some components to the frame correctly.
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    Cutting remote control planes, hotwire cutting guides, laser engraving and laser cutting.

    Inspired by

    Open Builds ACRO System
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