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Yet to receive my OX already planning upgrades, pinion rack X and Y axes.

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by j0achim, Oct 20, 2017.


Should I use Straight Pinion or Helical Pinion?

  1. Straight

  2. Helical

  1. j0achim

    j0achim New

    Oct 20, 2017
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    New here and to the world of CNC, cant wait to get rolling!

    Just a few days ago I bought a OX 1000x1500mm from Ooznest that I have yet to receive (they have some lead time) so I expect it in about 2 weeks time, which gives me a little time to order some upgrades in the mean time :D

    I am planning to use pinion racks for both X and Y axis. (cheaper, less work and intrusive to install, and easier to source than ball screws)

    Now I am trying to figure out tooth count for gears and length between tooth's. (the source I have found offer two types Module 1.0 and 1.5 (3.1416mm and 4.712mm from center of each tooth respectively on the rack)

    Pinion rack I am wanting to get is a Helical Pinion rack from Motiontek distance between center of each tooth for the rack I am looking at is 3.1416(+- 0.02) gear I was looking at has 20 teeth, meaning 1 full revolution would give me 62.832mm of travel. Would Nema 23's 123.4N.cm (177.5oz.in) handle this or should I be looking at less travel distance per rev?

    And should I use Straight pinion over Helical?

    Thanks for reading me!


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