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Xpro V4 fan, estop and spindle control

Discussion in 'Controller Boards' started by Rob Atha, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. Rob Atha

    Rob Atha New

    Aug 19, 2018
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    hi all

    Just after a bit of advice, I got my new Xpro V4 last week and just like to say I’m well impressed. After switching up from the Arduino Uno to this, I can’t believe how much time, money and effort I have wasted. The V4 makes things so simple and compact.

    Anyways, just a couple of queries I need help with.

    1) I’m us 24 volt psu so I presume the fan header on this board needs a 24 volt fan?

    2) on the Arduino. The estop not only halter the power but also paused the gcode. Is this the same with the xpro, I’ve tried to nderstand the wiring diagrams (not my forte) but it appears as though this just cuts power.

    3) I’d also like to hook up my 24v spindle ER11 500W CNC Brushless Spindle Motor Driver Speed Controller For Engraving 6930402198170 | eBay to the board so I have to put as little effort into my projects as possible (the more automated, the more I can focus on other parts like design) but I’m not sure how this can be done. This spindle is very similar to the spindles that use VFDs but I’ve no idea how to integrate this with the Xpro board. Can anyone help me with this?

    Marks in anticipation of any help


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