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V-slot vs Linear Rail (MGN12)

Discussion in '3D printers' started by FabDesign, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. FabDesign

    FabDesign New

    Jul 15, 2019
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    Hi everybody, I'm new on the forum.

    .I'm actually designing a 3d printer based on Prusa I3 model, personal project.

    .I chosed V-slot system for X Y Z axes because I love the system.

    In a discussion, yesterday a friend told me plain and symply :

    "Linear rails like MGN12 are better suited than V-slots for 3d printers
    No geometry changes, less elements, no play, more precise."

    So I'm asking the Openbuilds community, what do you think about this ?

    I'm about 30% of progress in my design and today I'm lost, did I choose the right direction ? Saying that V-wheels system vibrates more than linear rails, takes more play and as changes in geometry in time, that it needs to be verified an tightened more often.
    And at the other side linear rails are is simpler, less elements, doesn't need to be tightened, but requires precision in the mounting.

    I love V-slot, but what I need are the lesser vibrations in the system and absorption in jerks.
    I thought the Wheels system whas the best because there were "no" friction displacements but rolling displacements among all the other advantages.
    I need help, could you answer me please ?
    (Sorry for my english)

    A maker beginner.
  2. Craig Cavanaugh


    Jul 7, 2014
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    My experience on my 400x400x400 corexy using OpenBuilds Mini V wheels (not the clones) has been very good.

    I've not had to re-tighten wheels and can certainly shake the whole frame depending on infill type, but I do not see transmitted print artifacts.

    If I was to go all out, I would order precision bearings instead of the more general purpose grade that OpenBuilds uses. This would further eliminate some axial play in the wheels.

    Linear rail is good, but it's only as good and straight as what you fixture it to.
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  3. Troy Proffitt

    Troy Proffitt Well-Known

    Oct 11, 2016
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    I used Openbuilds v-wheels on my D-bot for about 2 years until the delrin started to fall apart on my y axis. Switched to linear rails and saw a huge improvement. If I were to switch back to wheels, I'd definitely use polycarbonate clear ones.

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