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Upcoming professional printer build - ideas sought

Discussion in '3D printers' started by stargeezer, May 23, 2016.

  1. stargeezer

    stargeezer Journeyman

    Feb 20, 2015
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    Hi Gang!

    I normally have a pretty good idea what I'm going to build before I ever pick up a tool, but this time I'd really like to ask our community for some ideas that I'll attempt to build into the project. The overall concept is to build a professional class 3d printer, one that would last longer than it's "sell by" date with out needing half the components, bearings, power supply and who knows what else replaced.

    If you've ever thought about what your dream 3d printer would be and have a list of things that "could be improved" on a 3d printer - I'd really like to read your ideas.

    So far, my basic list of requirements are;
    Dual extruders
    Auto bed leveling
    bed size 300x400 min.
    Max Z 800mm
    Linear bearings and rods 20mm (I have a lot of 20mm stuff on hand)
    heated bed - 2 zones
    Enclosed build space
    Rambo controller w/542 drivers
    Nema 23 stepper motors
    1605 ballscrews and anti backlash nuts
    Optical endstop switches

    I'm currently leaning towards a box frame made from v-slot on the order of a Core XY design with the build platform supported on two sides with 2 20mm linear bearings and a ballscrew centered between. That's about as far as I am at this point.

    I look forward to any and all input friends.
  2. Val Cocora

    Val Cocora Well-Known

    May 19, 2014
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    larry, off the top of my hat, 20 mm linear bearings might be a bit too much if you stick around 300x400 bed size, not to mention the z max stays under 800.
    downsizing the rails a bit might also increase the printing area, slightly.

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