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Universal G-code Advise issue...

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by gazingm42, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. gazingm42

    gazingm42 New

    Feb 8, 2017
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    When I connect my laptop to my tinyg in the garage it zero in on the lower left conner. Then starts to cut
    correctly as chilipeppr says it should with no issues. However since my garage is far from dust free and
    have a 9" screen on a raspberry 3 pi which I have placed Universal G code sender.

    After joging to a starting point and send the file it moves over to additional 60mm to the right, plus forward about another 20mm.

    cat the file over to plink serial it acts the same.

    I still not sure on the Gcode to understand it yet.

    But I created a simple box and use jscut to create the Gcode.

    Below is the Gcode.


    G21 ; Set units to mm
    G90 ; Absolute positioning
    G1 Z2.54 F2540 ; Move to clearance level

    ; Operation: 0
    ; Name:
    ; Type: Outside
    ; Paths: 1
    ; Direction: Conventional
    ; Cut Depth: 3.175
    ; Pass Depth: 3.175
    ; Plunge rate: 127
    ; Cut rate: 1016

    ; Path 0
    ; Rapid to initial position
    G1 X161.8069 Y75.0171 F2540
    G1 Z0.0000
    ; plunge
    G1 Z-3.1750 F127
    ; cut
    G1 X1.5875 Y75.0171 F1016
    G1 X1.5187 Y75.0156
    G1 X1.4290 Y75.0092
    G1 X1.3401 Y74.9978
    G1 X1.2517 Y74.9813
    G1 X1.1646 Y74.9597
    G1 X1.0787 Y74.9333
    G1 X0.9944 Y74.9023
    G1 X0.9121 Y74.8662
    G1 X0.8321 Y74.8259
    G1 X0.7544 Y74.7809
    G1 X0.6792 Y74.7316
    G1 X0.6071 Y74.6783
    G1 X0.5380 Y74.6209
    G1 X0.4724 Y74.5594
    G1 X0.4102 Y74.4946
    G1 X0.3520 Y74.4263
    G1 X0.2977 Y74.3549
    G1 X0.2474 Y74.2805
    G1 X0.2014 Y74.2033
    G1 X0.1598 Y74.1238
    G1 X0.1229 Y74.0420
    G1 X0.0907 Y73.9582
    G1 X0.0630 Y73.8726
    G1 X0.0404 Y73.7857
    G1 X0.0229 Y73.6978
    G1 X0.0102 Y73.6089
    G1 X0.0025 Y73.5193
    G1 X0.0000 Y73.4296
    G1 X0.0000 Y1.5875
    G1 X0.0015 Y1.5187
    G1 X0.0079 Y1.4290
    G1 X0.0193 Y1.3401
    G1 X0.0358 Y1.2517
    G1 X0.0574 Y1.1646
    G1 X0.0838 Y1.0787
    G1 X0.1148 Y0.9944
    G1 X0.1509 Y0.9121
    G1 X0.1913 Y0.8321
    G1 X0.2362 Y0.7544
    G1 X0.2855 Y0.6792
    G1 X0.3388 Y0.6071
    G1 X0.3962 Y0.5380
    G1 X0.4577 Y0.4724
    G1 X0.5225 Y0.4102
    G1 X0.5908 Y0.3520
    G1 X0.6622 Y0.2977
    G1 X0.7366 Y0.2474
    G1 X0.8138 Y0.2014
    G1 X0.8933 Y0.1598
    G1 X0.9751 Y0.1229
    G1 X1.0589 Y0.0907
    G1 X1.1445 Y0.0630
    G1 X1.2314 Y0.0404
    G1 X1.3193 Y0.0229
    G1 X1.4082 Y0.0102
    G1 X1.4978 Y0.0025
    G1 X1.5875 Y0.0000
    G1 X161.8069 Y0.0000
    G1 X161.8757 Y0.0015
    G1 X161.9654 Y0.0079
    G1 X162.0543 Y0.0193
    G1 X162.1427 Y0.0358
    G1 X162.2298 Y0.0574
    G1 X162.3157 Y0.0838
    G1 X162.4000 Y0.1148
    G1 X162.4823 Y0.1509
    G1 X162.5623 Y0.1913
    G1 X162.6400 Y0.2362
    G1 X162.7152 Y0.2855
    G1 X162.7873 Y0.3388
    G1 X162.8564 Y0.3962
    G1 X162.9220 Y0.4577
    G1 X162.9842 Y0.5225
    G1 X163.0423 Y0.5908
    G1 X163.0967 Y0.6622
    G1 X163.1470 Y0.7366
    G1 X163.1930 Y0.8138
    G1 X163.2346 Y0.8933
    G1 X163.2715 Y0.9751
    G1 X163.3037 Y1.0589
    G1 X163.3314 Y1.1445
    G1 X163.3540 Y1.2314
    G1 X163.3715 Y1.3193
    G1 X163.3842 Y1.4082
    G1 X163.3919 Y1.4978
    G1 X163.3944 Y1.5875
    G1 X163.3944 Y73.4296
    G1 X163.3929 Y73.4985
    G1 X163.3865 Y73.5881
    G1 X163.3751 Y73.6770
    G1 X163.3586 Y73.7654
    G1 X163.3370 Y73.8525
    G1 X163.3106 Y73.9384
    G1 X163.2796 Y74.0227
    G1 X163.2435 Y74.1050
    G1 X163.2031 Y74.1850
    G1 X163.1582 Y74.2627
    G1 X163.1089 Y74.3379
    G1 X163.0556 Y74.4101
    G1 X162.9982 Y74.4792
    G1 X162.9367 Y74.5447
    G1 X162.8719 Y74.6069
    G1 X162.8036 Y74.6651
    G1 X162.7322 Y74.7194
    G1 X162.6578 Y74.7697
    G1 X162.5806 Y74.8157
    G1 X162.5011 Y74.8574
    G1 X162.4193 Y74.8942
    G1 X162.3355 Y74.9264
    G1 X162.2499 Y74.9541
    G1 X162.1630 Y74.9767
    G1 X162.0751 Y74.9943
    G1 X161.9862 Y75.0070
    G1 X161.8966 Y75.0146
    G1 X161.8069 Y75.0171
    ; Retract
    G1 Z2.5400 F2540

    ; Return to 0,0
    G0 X0 Y0 F2540

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