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TOTAL NOOB here :>

Discussion in 'Controller Boards' started by king.stivan, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. king.stivan


    Dec 13, 2014
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    hello , so as the title suggest im a total noob here and for everything about this BUT im good learner ^^ so lets make this simple for me/you :

    i need to make my motor ((NEMA 23 can replace if its too much for my needs)) to move in two directions and i need my board to have bluetooth and/or Wifi integration maybe even a USB port or two so i could control the unit from my phone ((leave the software/coding off for now ?? )) and i would LOVE if that thing could run of the normal phone battery banks :> mobility and ease of use is key here ^^

    now like i said im totally a noob in this but do you think a raspberry Pi would work here ? i heard that you can attach many things to that board like screens wifi/bt and it has usb on it too . if that so what kind of addon parts do i need to get to make it run with the kind of needs i have :> ?

    PLEASE as cheap as possible :>

    so why do i need this :> i made a camera slider like a year ago with V-slot system and at the same time i bought the NEMA 23 motor but i never used it coz it was not the normal 2 wires motors that i grew up tinkering with :> and i found out now that it needs a board/software to run ^^ as for software i have someone that is welling to help me out but i dont want to bother him unless i have all the hardware to boot :> so here i am bothering you guys instead :p

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