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TJ34 Acro

Discussion in 'Laser Cutters' started by tonkajeep34, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. tonkajeep34


    Nov 14, 2013
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    Just wanted to post a few pictures of my Build and show my safety shield that i made. I bought the acro kit when it was first announced and then have been collecting the rest of the parts over the last few months.

    There's a lot of bags...
    2018-02-17 20.52.14.jpg 2018-02-17 23.23.14.jpg

    Ahh, looking good!
    2018-02-17 23.34.36.jpg
    Playing around with the xPro controller
    2018-03-06 22.36.15.jpg 2018-03-08 06.06.42.jpg
    Picked up the 2.8w Laser module from Jtech
    2018-03-09 23.18.19.jpg 2018-03-11 09.14.29.jpg
    It works! and playing around with settings.
    2018-03-17 21.43.04.jpg 2018-03-18 14.37.40.jpg 2018-03-18 17.40.53.jpg
    2018-03-24 16.54.56.jpg

    Since I have a couple of kids that like to be in the garage with me i decided to try and make some shielding to help protect everyones eyes. Used the 3D printer to make the bracket and the laser to mark out where i needed to cut and drill the Acrylic.
    2018-03-25 11.51.45.jpg 2018-03-25 11.51.50.jpg


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