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TB6600 on MKS SBASE 1.3 via level shifter

Discussion in 'Controller Boards' started by qrun2018, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. qrun2018

    qrun2018 New

    Mar 9, 2018
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    I have to connect my tb6600 driver over a level shifter to mks Sbase 1.3.
    I have tried the following setup:

    mks sbase 1.3                level-shifter                                          TB6600
    P0.4              ---------->  B4       A4                                     --------> PUL+
    P2.0              ---------->  B3       A3                                     --------> DIR+
    P2.1              ---------->  B2       A2                                     --------> ENA+
    GND            ---------->  GND     
    3.3v             ---------->  3.3V
    5V                ------------------>   5V
    GND              ------------------>   GND                                 ----> PUL-,DIR-,ENA-
                                           B+ --> Stepper
                                           B- --> Stepper
                                           A+ --> Stepper
                                           A- --> Stepper
                                           VCC   <---------- Power Supply Stepper
                                           GND   <---------- Power Supply Stepper

    I use the following level shifter:
    Logic Level Converter (Bi-Direction)

    1. If i checked the output via A4 saw the signal via a 5v Peak
    2. As soon i connect my TB6600 on the line an i messure the voltage on the TB6600 PUL+ to GND is see only 2.2v
    3. the stepper is not moving

    1. 3.3V and 5 Volt is comming from the board
    2. VCC and GND for Stepper is comming from another Power Supply
    3. Board or Pins are not configured as open train.

    Does somebody has any idea what went wrong?
    Or does anyone have experience with level shifter and TB6600?
  2. Steven Kirby


    Feb 2, 2018
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    Hey qrun2018,

    Did you ever manage to get to the bottom of your problem? I too am having similar issues. I have the 5v logic coming from an endstop pin on the Sbase going to Step+ Dir+ and Enbl+ on the driver (as opposed to using a level shifter from PSU to these pins). My Step- Dir- and Enbl- pins on the driver are connected to the respective stepper control pins on the Sbase. These pins ARE set to open drain as per the smoothie documentation for common anode:

    general-appendixes [Smoothieware]

    When I power up the motors immediately engage and commands from the host don't make anything move the alarm light on the drivers is illuminated.

    Did you get your setup working in the end? If so what was your soultion?

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