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TRADE Swop: Cutting service for Parts

Discussion in 'FREEStore' started by THE LINK, Jul 25, 2017.


    THE LINK New

    Apr 30, 2017
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    Hey all.
    I was building a few diy printers untill I seen price of plates.

    I want to make plates for locals if possible and willing to cover postage ect. I am in the UK and need enough plates for 1 C beam type build.

    Id rather just pay and try offer service as most my stuff is needed.

    I will be good from moment I have ppates for one.

    My parts so far.

    Nema 23
    Nema 14

    Ramps a4988 or arduino cnc shield with nodemcu or mega ect and 4988 drivers.

    Im trying to build the open builds XY tables but use them for Z aswell to make a plate maker for my 3d printers and hobby gear ect.

    I need wheels or something that does same job. I cant pay 5 a wheel id need atleast £150 worth.

    I need leadscrews or trapezoidal.
    All mounts for 1 machine. Spindle mount, Gantry mounts. To suit the 2040 above Ive aimed for 300mm max all around as may use machine for other things.

    I will offer plate making for openbuilds members local to me and any one who will also do the same as soons this is built.
    I have 3d printer I need to finish and can offer 3d printed parts ect but im new and learning so be patient aha. Im focusing on plate maker and when up and running will do all I can to help out.

    Thanks in advance.

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