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Speeds and Feeds Help

Discussion in 'OpenBuilds Forum Help' started by Fabian Cojman, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Fabian Cojman


    Jun 30, 2019
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    Hello, I am currently building a custom C-beam machine which is very similar to the standard C-beam machine openbuild sells but features two rails for the y axis instead of one. I am plaining to pair it with a Chinese spindle that has a rpm rating of 3000-12000 and a 48V power supply that is rated for 400W.

    My question is what type of tooling and speeds and feeds would you recommend for aluminum cutting ?

    Would a 3mm 4 flute carbide Endmill running at 10000rpm with a depth of cut of 0.2mm and a feed of 500mm/min work on 6000 series aluminum ?

    My goal is to make clean cuts and get nice surface finishes.
  2. Alex Chambers

    Alex Chambers Master
    Moderator Builder

    Nov 1, 2018
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    This chart by the people at carbide is a good starting point.

    Speeds and feeds

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