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Discussion in 'Helpful Tools' started by G-Wizard, Mar 26, 2019.

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    Feb 15, 2019
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    I found this beneficial to do to create a more robust wi-fi connection between my WorkBee and computer.

    This is for the wi-fi version of the Duet Controller.

    For anyone wanting to setup their Duet Controller as a wi-fi hotspot, here are the instructions I followed. I noted these down from the Ooznest video linked below.

    1. Download the latest firmware for your WorkBee and upload to your Duet Controller. This was v1.0.3 at the time of writing this.

    2. In the Duet Controller interface:
    2a. Go to Settings > System Settings
    2b. Navigate to the "config.g" file and open.
    2c. Locate line 552 S1. Change S1 to S2. Save.
    2d. Reboot the Duet Controller when prompted.

    3. Your network connection will no be lost between your WorkBee and computer.
    3a. Connect the usb between the Duet Controller and your computer.
    3b. Open your terminal program. ( I used YAT to setup my WorkBee).
    3c. Type M115 then Send text to machine to confirm the computer and WorkBee are talking to each other.
    3d. Type M589 S"WorkBee" P"your_network_password" Ithe_IP_address_you_have_previously_used (you don't need to use " " for the IP address. Note the "I" at the start of the IP address)
    3e. Send the text to your WorkBee. Your emulator should acknowledge you have sent the text.

    4. Turn off your WorkBee.

    5. Unplug the USB connecting the WorkBee to your computer.

    6. Turn on your WorkBee.

    7. On your computer, open your wi-fi networks.
    7a. Locate the network named "WorkBee". Or whatever name you used in step 3d.
    7b. Connect to the WorkBee network and insert your network password when prompted.

    8. Perform a "jog" on your machine to confirm you are connected, and have control through the network.

    Note this is purely a networked connection between your WorkBee and computer. There is no internet access via this connection.

    This is the video I copied the above instructions from.

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