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Setup file for CNC USB controller software.

Discussion in 'Control Software' started by micro04, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. micro04

    micro04 New

    Mar 1, 2017
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    I have the following setup:
    CNC USB controller Mk3/4 (4 axis)
    Windows 7 64 bit
    CNC USB Controller software version 2.10.1609.3001
    C-Beam Machine Mechanical Bundle

    I need help with the setup file for the CNC USB Controller so that it will work correctly with the C-Beam 3 axis. I have limit switches for the x,y, and Z axis. I have one E-stop switch wired to the E-stop terminal and ground. I need the file and/or information about the setup configuration.
  2. David the swarfer

    David the swarfer OpenBuilds Team
    Staff Member Moderator Builder Resident Builder

    Aug 6, 2013
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    I don't think there is such a file unless there is someone with an identical machine.

    I am sure the Cnc USB manual will tell you how to set it up.
    Basically, first you need to get the motors moving correctly.
    Correct direction and correct distance.

    After that you wire in the limit switches and configure them.
  3. TrishC

    TrishC OpenBuilds Team
    Staff Member Moderator Builder

    Mar 1, 2017
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    Hello micro04. We're happy to have Planet-CNC reach out to you if you would like.

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