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Profile's false dimension

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Christophe Lanternier, May 26, 2015.

  1. Christophe Lanternier


    May 7, 2015
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    Hi there!

    I noticed using openbuilds profiles that some dimensions were false from more than 0.6 mm. My reference is the drawing that we can find on this website and the 3D models.
    Furthermore I noticed that there wasn't the four holes that we can normally see on every picture of the V-slot profiles.

    Is this normal? How could I get V-slots that have the same dimensions than in the 3D models?

    Many thanks for your help.

  2. arkcom

    arkcom New

    May 11, 2015
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    I bought a couple hundred bolts that are too long because of this.
  3. Ronald van Arkel

    Staff Member Builder Resident Builder

    May 7, 2014
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    Christophe, what dimensions were off by 0.6mm, and where? On the drawings or on the physical V-Slot itself? V-slot in general is well made and I only see a 0.08mm margin on those. The drawing are made as a reference buy the OpenBuilds community. Are you talking about the length of a construction that is 0.6mm off? Also sounds like you might have gone from imperial to metric on some spacers, that would explain also 0.7mm. Would be good to be a bit more precise to what you are referring to.

    Arkcom, it's always a good idea to open up a drawing first, make your own BoM and then order the parts. Some BoMs are outdated and are only there as a reference. You say you bought 200+ bolts that are too long, for what machine/design/topic if I may ask?


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