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Plate maker build. Help needed.

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by THE LINK, Jul 25, 2017.


    THE LINK New

    Apr 30, 2017
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    Hey all,
    I was building some 3d printers and needed mounts, worked out the price and decided to make a plate maker.

    Im thinking open builds XY table woth 2040 extrusion but cant think of a good Z solution.

    Extrusion I have
    2020 X8 500mm lenghs.
    2040 X4 400mm
    2040 X4 350mm
    2040 X4 100mm
    2040 X4 150mm

    Idea is the XY table so each large lengh has a smaller lengh which has wheels but I would like to change this. I would also like to have my screws go threw the smaller blogs and use a linear rail.

    Ive kind of worked the XY but stuck on the Z. The larger 400mm lenghs and 150mm leghs are for Z and maybe for X.

    Im calculated enough for 2 builds depending how I go with Z. Smaler lenghs are to be used as plates basicly.

    Will be using T8x2 as its affordable.

    Will belts with wheels handle 3mm plate making?

    Has any one done a similar build?

    I need a cheaper solution for wheels of can I use u groove bearings?

    Should I grab open rail and u bearings?

    I have a lathe here, what material for them wheels?

    Im throw a bunch of random pics of what Im looking at, I have 2020 I cant cut for bits here and there aswell as ise for support framing. Im going to grab some aluminium rods too but no idea what to do for plates as I aint paying then prices for gantry plates. I need to many same as the wheels.

    Let me know if belts will be ok on X and Y.

    Think Il be mounting motor at top of Z and pulling the XY table up but not come up with anything yet.

    Will try 3d print end caps for 2040 to mount T8 nut and use my extrusion as a plate to mount too.

    Any help or solid advice welcomed.

    Where is cheapest for trapezoidal T8?

    I seen a video of some one make these before and mount them together.

    4 lenghs of 400
    4 lenghs of 350

    350 for xy
    400 for z

    150 and 100 for carriages.

    Not sure though as we would have 2 Xs then lol my head trying to take alot in.

    I will do some moch ups when it arrives but I moched against 2020 and it looks right just not sure on Z.

    So im basicly making a bunch of linear actuators and going to mount 2 together to get all round movement.

    Not sure on spindle ect yet but 100mm there for that and T8 is cheap in 100mm.

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    THE LINK New

    Apr 30, 2017
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    I could use the table as Z and X then throw a actuator under for Y movement? That makes sense took all day lol.

    I been looking at it from XY with seperate Z.

    Any advice appreciated. Could do like a crane Z or post with XY table mounted.

    Any pics of buikds similar ive searched hard but no real joy.

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