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Opensource Gecko G540 Controller

Discussion in 'Controller Boards' started by Kyo, May 28, 2018.

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    Feb 27, 2014
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    Tittle covers it for the most part :D
    This is one of my older board designs I have decided to release as open source.

    USB Gecko G540 controller capable of running grbl or estlcam. I have posted all required files and additional details on my Github page. Please check it out.
    Github Page is


    Keeping with a 99% through hole board, I am hoping more people will be able to undertake this project. The single smd chip can be done with a one component stencil / solder paste and a hot air gun. The board is plug and play with the G540 and can also be used with any driver package that uses the same pinout as Gecko. With the use of a idc26 screw terminal board such as "here" the pinout can be changed to match your requirements.

    If you find I left out a critical detail in my documentation please let me know on Github. Have some improvments or changes you want to make, feel free to fork the project. Board was designed in Kicad and files are included.

    Also make sure to post up and share your boards if you build one!

    This is a announcement of source file availability, not a advert. If you have interest in this controller you will need to make your own. Please see Github link above.
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