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OpenBuild C-Beam XL and some wiring tips

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by Moniker, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Moniker

    Moniker New

    Sep 15, 2017
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    I just purchased an OpenBuild C-Beam XL and am going to try and wire it up using the TinyG as my Driver, controller configuration. I was wondering if there are any good wiring diagrams for me to look into? I purchased the TinyG, DQ542MA Stepper Motor Driver (Which I am not sure 100% if I need or if I do use them what advantage they will have), Micro Limit Switch Kit with Mounting Plates, a Mouser Power Supplies 349.2W 36V 9.7A 115Vac or 230Vac. 100ft of 300V AC, 18 Gauge, BLK, wire.

    I was wondering If anyone has any tips, techniques, help on getting it wired up efficiently, connector pieces, things to not do, etc? Thanks for any help.

    Go easy on me, I'm a bit of a noob!!

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