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Ooznest Ox CNC

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Kevr102, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. Kevr102

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    Feb 24, 2018
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    Hi there,
    First post for me on openbuilds.
    I have recently completed my 2nd Ooznest CNC router and thought i would share one or 2 problems i came across during and commissioning the CNC.
    The build itself is pretty straight forward and Ooznest include very conclusive manuals and all items in the kit are labelled up per procedure which is excellent!
    When commissioning the CNC i initially came across an issue which i had with the first build which was interference, even with ferrites fitted it would just stop mid program, i purchased the bluetooth adapter from Ooznest and this has eliminated the issue.
    Another issue which i came across was that the router would not cut a complete circle, i looked on forums etc and saw that many people were having the same problem, dual belts were recommended and that's what i did
    not a lot of info on Youtube etc about belts etc so i did my own thing and designed some belt tensioners on Fusion 360 the belts were easy to install and the clamps and tensioners are performing well.
    Another snag was where to fit limit switches as i wanted to home the CNC, i eventually came up with a solution which kept all the cabling nice and neat.
    Once fitted i had a problem where the Z axis homing worked ok so did the X but the Y went in the positive direction? anyway easy fix in the config file after some tweaking.
    Everything is now working as it should, perfect circles, the homing is spot on and makes for easy tool changes and also fitting the magnetic dust boot after setting up the workpiece.
    Openbuilds is a fantastic community and i have always had help from Ryan Lock at Ooznest where needed i'm no expert in CNC but will gladly share any info i have during these 2 builds.
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