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Onshape Dogbones and Corner Overcut

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Jonathon Duerig, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Jonathon Duerig

    Jonathon Duerig Journeyman

    Nov 25, 2015
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    I've been playing around with Onshape and it seems pretty powerful while allowing free usage for smaller users. But a lot of my parts need to be cut out on a CNC router. And it is annoying to have to carve out the corner overcuts and dogbones by hand. So I added a couple of custom features.

    To use them, you can view or clone my public document here:


    You can click the custom feature button and from there import either feature from the above document.

    Using overcut:

    - Click the overcut feature.
    - Choose the diameter of the dogbone circle and the depth to cut out.
    - Select up to 50 vertices on the same face.
    - Select the face.

    After you click ok, all vertices will be overcut. A cylindrical cutout using the parameters you gave will be cut out of the model at the corners.

    Using dogbone:

    -Click the dogbone feature.
    - Choose the diameter of the dogbone circle and the depth to cut out.
    - Select up to 50 vertices on the same face.
    - Select up to 50 edges on the same face. Each edge should be adjacent to at least one of the vertices selected.
    - Select the face.

    After you click ok, all edges will have a dogbone cut out next to the selected vertex. For example, if you have a square slot and you want to cut out all dogbones of it with a single feature, you select the four corner vertices and the two lines you want the dogbones to be cut out of. Four cylinders will then be cut out of the slot.

    This will make it much quicker to design things for CNC in future. And it will also make it easy to do lasercut vs. CNC variants of a similar design.

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  2. Neil Cooke


    Jun 27, 2016
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    Nice custom feature Jonathon! Glad you are enjoying using Onshape.

    Would you consider posting this to the Onshape forum? You will make many more users happy. The FeatureScript category is also a good learning resource and to keep up to date with the latest developments.

    Keep up the good work,
    Neil Cooke, Onshape Inc.

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