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One Board to Rule them all?

Discussion in 'Controller Boards' started by Adam Filipowicz, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Adam Filipowicz

    Adam Filipowicz Journeyman

    Dec 21, 2014
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    Im trying to decide on a single board that can be used for these applications

    3D Printer. 5 steppers nema 17
    Compatible with Simplify 3d
    32 microstepping
    Auto bed leveling using a Servo
    available Touchscreen interface

    CNC - 3 steppers Nema 23
    Compatible with Mach3 over USB

    There seem to be alot of boards. im not that electronic savy to really know which one is the best for my needs
    I do like the Azteeg X5 , but there are other boards that are interesting, Duet, Beagle Board Black+

    Currently I only have experience using a Rambo with Marlin on a Makerfarm i3v

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