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Old Airwolf3D HD2X Rebuild

Discussion in '3D printers' started by leftyhokum, Sep 13, 2023.

  1. leftyhokum


    Aug 25, 2023
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    I woke up one morning and this huge box was at my front door. I looked inside and it was an Airwolf 3D HD a friend sent me. He bought it for his kids in 2013 and they went off to college. He didn’t ever use it and the kids didn’t want it but he knew I would use it. I used it for a bit and tried to put install Klipper but ran into issues. It was my first attempt at a Klipper install and I was in over my head. A year later and I wasn’t using it anymore so I decided to rebuild it with a BTT Manta4P and CB 1 using Klipper of course. I want to close all the holes switch it to a 1.75 size filament adding a E3D hotend with direct drive.
    The thing I hated the most about that printer was you needed access to all sides. The extruders were in the back, the filament spools on the side, and the LCD on the front. The printer is almost all enclosed but Airwolf left enough large gaps that it doesn’t retain heat. I’m gonna add a few pieces to change that which are the brown parts you see. Just an all around weird printer.
    I’m almost done with the wiring except waiting on the E3D six Revo that’ll be here any day. By that time I’ll hopefully be finished with modeling and printing the hotend carriage. Wish me luck!

    9C91F231-D896-44B8-A9F5-48395B6E5092.jpeg 61D47A62-82EA-4501-8675-40D2CD09455D.jpeg 9C91F231-D896-44B8-A9F5-48395B6E5092.jpeg 61D47A62-82EA-4501-8675-40D2CD09455D.jpeg

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