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Material Setup from machine bed OOZnest 1500x1500 Vectric Cut2D Pro & UGS

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by MplsArtist, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. MplsArtist


    Apr 11, 2015
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    After reading many posts on the Vectric forum about using "machine bed" for z-zero to cut a profile all the way through the wood, and not carving up my spoilboard, I still have some procedural questions.

    My material sits in a pocket on my MDF spoilboard to ensure a nice snug and consistent positioning for my vacuum table. Unfortunately, it makes it difficult to access the true height of the machine bed (bottom of pocket).

    I've set Material Setup (wood thickness 0.716) in Vectric Cut2D Pro with the z-zero dot at the material bottom (or top of machine bed) at the lower left corner (x=0, y=0). See attached image

    Do I then move my router bit to the top of the spoil board and then designate that as z=0 in my Universal G-Code Sender?

    Do I then move my router bit to x=0, y=0 on the top of the material and then designate that as x=0, y=0 as usual and leaving z=0 alone in my Universal G-Code Sender?

    Unfortunately, when I completed the above steps, I ended up cutting air. I noticed that Safe Z was set at 0.916 (normal: 0.201) and Home Z was set at 0.92 Should I be overriding one of the values and enter a negative value?

    I've also tried:
    1) Leaving the bit at z=zero on the top of the spoilboard after designating x=0, y=0 on the material top. But because the z=zero was taken at a spot on the side of my material, the router goes to a starting location slightly offset of where it should be. This won't work because I'm doing two different toolpaths, one for pockets, and the other for profile cuts.

    2) Positioning the bit at the top of the material, designating x=0, y=0, z=0 at that location, hoping that UGCS would think that the bit is still at its z=zero location on the spoilboard because of the G-code sent from Vectric designating Z=zero at the bottom of the bed.

    Unfortunately, it seems that UGS automatically finds where the bit is in x,y,z real time despite previous settings and I end up cutting air.

    Will I need to re-think my starting x,y,z locations from my material to my spoilboard instead?


    Thanks for the help.

    Cutting Depths.png Material Setup.png Safe Z.png

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