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Machine Bundles

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by Christopher Harris, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Christopher Harris


    Oct 18, 2017
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    Hello all,

    Newbie here. Wanting to build my first router/mill...

    Can you order parts for a specific build from here (The Idea Center) in the OpenBuilds Store?

    I guess what I'm saying is, instead of buying a C-Beam XL "pre-made" machine bundle for example, can I buy a Sphinx Machine Bundle by just telling them what build I want to make? Are the prices the same per part or is there a break they give you?

    Sorry if this is a vague question, or a completely obvious one, I'm just a little apprehensive about the ordering part of this whole thing.

  2. Rick 2.0

    Rick 2.0 OpenBuilds Team
    Staff Member Moderator Builder Resident Builder

    Dec 20, 2013
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    Unfortunately no and for three basic reasons. There are way too many builds to keep track of all the various parts involved, many of the builds have custom parts that the shop doesn't sell, and the people who pack the parts are not necessarily builders themselves and are not really in a position (nor do they have time) to summarize the full parts count in the various builds.

    Overall there is a slight break, nothing really substantial though. The main savings comes from getting an exact parts count on things like screws. You don't have to buy a bag of 25 of a specific size when you may only need 4.

    Truly though if you're looking to jump in, this weekend is the best time to do it with the free U.S. shipping on orders over $49. Even if you don't have an exact parts count, getting the heavy or bulky items on their way (extrusion, plates, motors, power supplies, etc.) will still save you a fair amount of money. If you later find yourself short on screws or other small items these things are fairly inexpensive to get shipped. Also if you have any specific requests like needing a pair of 1000mm extrusions to be perfectly length matched in order to make your design work (stock extrusion length tolerances are anywhere from -1 to +5mm) be sure and note it in the comments box when you order. The shop does their best to accommodate such requests whenever possible.
  3. Giarc

    Giarc OpenBuilds Team
    Staff Member Moderator Builder Resident Builder

    Jan 24, 2015
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