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I want to build a C beam expanded

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by Steve Welsh, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Steve Welsh


    May 30, 2016
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    Hi All,

    I want to build a C beam double size 1000mm X and 1000mm Y. I want to be able to cut aluminum plates as well as plexiglass and occasional MDF with it.

    I was thinking of running the motorized Y axis C beam down the center flipped over with double X large sandwhich plates to protect screw from debris. Outboard c Beams with X large double plates for support (probably 2 on each)

    The X axis similar to the Upgraded C beam project with double X large plates.

    The Z axis similar to upgraded C beam with Double C Beam Plate and 2 to 1 belt reduction drive. My hope is to be able to use 1.5KW spindle.

    Electronic to start Nema 23 large stepper with Tiny G which seems to have good performance and from what I have read here people like it. I would also like to include air fog cooling.

    Any thoughts or experiences would be helpful. I am not very well schooled in 3d but am pretty good at auto cad 2d so hopefully I can piece together a 3d model soon to figure out my actual work area with this arrangement.

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

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