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i bought a wantai motors 4 axis kit

Discussion in 'Interfaces' started by edward siegel, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. edward siegel


    Mar 9, 2015
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    power supply 4 nema 23 and a tb6560 4 axis boards there for a bit I didn't think it would work
    ive had it four days testing different setups trying to just get the motors to turn one revolution
    grrrrrrrr its so frustrating to not have the info you need.
    and none to answer questions or to tell you do this do that .....and your stress level gos of the charts hahaha
    well with the info I got turns out its all right there in black and white
    the pin chart they give you is the key and a hour or so watching totoral videos (sorry for the bad spelling )
    on mach 3 on set up
    long story short I got it working yay lol what a relief
    if antone has any questions now that I am a self appointed expert lol not really
    just follow the pin chart ill post pics in a few days all of my hardware comes mon
    all this is for a plasma table
    I have an old IBM think center computer case im going to house my electronics in I got it when I bought the dell pc im using with xp for 175 for both ......more later

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