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Hybrid Steppers (With Encoder and feedback controller) Anybody using?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Scott594, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Scott594

    Scott594 New

    Jan 4, 2016
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    I know they're new to the market, But I'm working on a heavy duty mill design (somewhere between Gantry mill and Way guided conventional Mini mill), and Servos or feedback will be required. The parts I'll be making won't be disposable, so missed steps aren't allowed, and the Steppers with an encoder and feedback controller are available from the Chinese market (Leadshine et Al) from about $200/axis and up. Parkers and good quality Industrial are more like $1000/axis minimum.

    Does anybody out there have a running machine using this technology?
    Is anybody also seriously considering using these in an upcoming design?

    I'm about to order a sample Nema 23 motor/Driver combo for testing, but would like to educate myself further 1st.

    These look to be a drop-in replacement for standard steppers, and give 90% of the full servo advantages like improved holding torque, error proof operation, etc.

    It looks to me like the only change needed to a stepper design would be a Drive error interuppt/clearing mode/restart process Subroutine, and I think Mach 3 has provisions for that built in.

    It seems to me these are going to be the future, replacing standard stepper setups in mechanical intensive processes like Lathes, Mills, Routers. Plasma, Laser, and Waterjets aren't as likely to lose steps, but if I had the option, for a small expense, I'd go for an 'error proof' system. Inall but the cheapest hobby equipment anyway.

    If this really is unexplored territory, I'd be happy to get together with anyone else interested in exploring the use of these drives and workup a prototype design.

    I'm an experienced controls engineer but am new to this type of machine, and am sure I could learn a lot form those of you with the experience of building these.

    I'm hoping this project could fill a niche in the home maker machine by allowing people to build a mini Tormach style machine capable of milling moderate sized parts from Steel and aluminum at 'normal' to moderate RPMS.

    I hope to end up with a design somewhere between a CNCed mini-mill and a heavy Router that will include coolant management and workholding as part of the design. It probably won't be cheap, but it will be more affordable than used Commercial machines, and won't tip the scales much over 4 or 5 hundred pounds.

    Does that sound good to anyone else??

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  2. Oneminde

    Oneminde New

    Jan 24, 2016
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    Hello. I just wrote a thread regarding servo motors.

    "Hello everyone. This is my first post and "build" thread. I have decided that I want to go ahead with my CNC build using servo motors. Its just so much better for the over all detail and accuracy. I still have things to learn regarding servo motors and especially which one to go for. Any comment is welcome and to kick of this thread, I will include what I so far find to be one of the better options. But since I live in Sweden (Europe), I would prefer if I could find something within the EU that is equivalent to the kit via the link.

    So if you have any tips for me, please share.


    Thread; Servo Motor | OpenBuilds

    But I am checking hybrid stepper motors and found one that is actually very interesting and specially at the price point.

    NMB Technologies Corporation 23KM-K762-99V:

    Step Angle: 1.80
    Nema size: 23
    Holding Torque: 1400 mNm
    Price; $82.35 / pcs

    Product link: 23KM-K743-99V Specs and Media - Hybrid Stepper - NMB Technologies Corporation
    digikey: http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?WT.z_cid=sp_012_buynow&keywords=23KM-K762-99V

    But the one I am interested in is 23KY-K748U

    Step Angle:
    Nema Size: 23
    Holding Torque: 1250 mNm
    Price; request.


    Hope this helps.
  3. Oneminde

    Oneminde New

    Jan 24, 2016
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