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HPGL project for Ardunio / Raspberry Pi + GertDunio

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Public Do Omens, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Public Do Omens

    Guest Builder

    Hi i was asked last year to develop a HPGL Ardunio project but the original client has backed out, he does not require it anymore he tells me. :confused:

    Does anyone else want HPGL Ardunio / Raspberry Pi + GertDunio set-up? :)

    Raspberry Pi has the Ethernet & HDMI already. Gert sits on-top of this baby giving me access to PWM & I/O for limit switches etc. Plus you can run Linux on the Raspberry with Ardunio IDE.

    Still under development. Yes i like others never re-invent the wheel so using others work to base on, with custom tweaks for hardware & functionality.

    I don't know if this project is worth following myself as no one seems to be after HPGL apart from 2D cutters.

    I think i will concentrate on G-code as it is more professional and is 3D already. :cool:

    interconnect.me.uk :cool:
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